When I Fell in Love with LÍLLÉbaby.

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When I Fell In Love With Lillebaby

As a new again mom to baby number three, I knew being hands-free was a vital necessity. From the beginning, babywearing was something I knew I had to do. Where do I begin? I never did it with my previous kids, though I needed to. There are so many baby carriers out there, with so many different types and brands. I didn’t know much, so I joined several of the many babywearing groups available online. It was so resourceful and I learned so much. I never knew there was so much to babywearing. I found wraps and slings to be intimidating, so I wanted the ease of using a soft structured carrier. I also wanted the baby to be safe and secure. My baby’s safety was my main concern. How could I find a soft structured baby carrier that meets all of my needs?  I NEEDED to be hands-free. Food shopping with a car seat and three kids wasn’t fun. Trying to get housework done with a fussy baby was challenging. I needed a solution. I have tried many alternatives but I just wasn’t satisfied. I heard the talk of the Lillebaby baby carrier in the many babywearing groups I was in online. I was thrilled!


I had come across another carrier which included an insert that I attempted to use. I ended up in tears of frustration. The insert was hot, bulky, and uncomfortable. The baby and I were both unhappy. I knew the insert free Lillebaby had to be a better option. I went online looking for colors, designs, and options. Since I am in Florida I knew that the Lillebaby Complete Airflow was the way to go. I picked out my baby carrier, submitted my order, and anxiously waited. I stalked my email daily, waiting for any updates on its arrival. I watched to see where it was and when it would finally arrive. The day of its arrival finally came. I happily opened the box and found the most beautiful carrier. You can see by looking at it the quality.


I already had picked out my Lillebaby accessories online and so I quickly submitted my order to receive the beautiful suck pads included below. They are good for protecting the straps from baby drool. Plus, they are adorable and give you the ability to customize your Lillebaby. There are so many accessories and designs online. There are also many Lillebaby accessory groups online. My favorite is Little Kinder Threads.

Why do I LOVE my Lillebaby? The main reason is the fact that Lillebaby is one of the few carriers that you can use without an infant insert. You can safely use this baby carrier from 7 lbs to 45 lbs. As you can tell from the pictures the side flaps are folded in and buttoned to make the seat narrow for a smaller baby. When she is ready for the wide seat, I can very easily adjust it to the wide seat. There are instructional videos available online that can show you how to make the seat narrow and wide. You will absolutely get your money’s worth with this long-lasting durable carrier, as it will last well past the first year. The next best thing about the Lillebaby Complete is the many options available.  If you prefer, with a newborn you can use it in the front fetal position, or you can use it legs out, in the narrow seat. When the baby is older you adjust it back to the wide seat. You can wear it outward, on your hip, or do a back carry. You want it higher, lower, looser, tighter, narrow seat, wide seat, you can do it! You can make whatever adjustments you need to, in order to find the right fit for you and baby. This carrier will also help your child be seated ergonomically, which has been found to be safest. What also makes this carrier unique is that it comes with lumbar support making it comfortable while preventing lower back strain. The Lillebaby comes in so many colors and styles as well. If you order straight from the Lillebaby  website, you have a wide selection of prints and colors. This particular carrier the complete airflow in silver and black is made of 3D mesh, making it very cool for hot weather. In Florida, it’s summertime year-round, so I knew it was a must for me. Make sure you purchase from an authorized dealer, or Lillebaby itself. If you do, you will be covered under a one (1) year warranty, good from the original date of purchase. Just make sure you keep your receipt.


When I got my Lillebaby,  I’ll admit it can be overwhelming! The fact that this carrier is so adjustable, finding the right fit can be challenging. It varies by the size of mom, and the size of the baby. Don’t let this discourage you. It really takes time and practice. Take advantage of the knowledge of the internet. Lillebaby is full of resources. Check their Blog, watch their instructional videos, search YouTube, join the many Lillebaby groups online, find a babywearing group. It takes a learning curve, but it is totally worth it. I am new myself and am still learning, but it is still love!

If you are interested in finding out more, or you’re ready to order follow the link below.

—–>>> Lillebaby.com


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