Personalized Autographs from Santa!

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Do your kids still write letters to Santa? How fun would it be for them to receive something in the mail from Santa himself? Wouldn’t your little one be excited to receive a personalized autographed picture from Santa? Customized with your own personal message? Maybe as an incentive for them to listen better, do better in school, or clean their rooms? Or even as a sweet memento you can treasure forever? Our kids are only young once. I know my own daughter would love to receive something special in the mail from Santa.


At, you can order a personalized autographed picture from Santa himself! With a variety of pictures to choose from, SantaGraphs will send an 8×10 glossy picture of Santa with your personalized message. You can order in 3 easy steps!

Step 1 — Select Your Santa! The above Santa’s are just some of the sample choices available.

Step 2 — Personalize! Personalize Santa’s Autograph with your very own message.

Step 3 —  Send it! Address it to yourself to give as a gift in person, or mail it directly to someone else.

What a fun and easy way to share some Christmas cheer! Such an easy process, guaranteed to make someone special smile. Send one to your kids, friends, family members, even neighbors. These fun cards can be something sweet for a kid or something funny for a friend. It’s up to you!

The best part is, these customized SantaGraphs are inexpensive and come with free shipping. Personalization and Shipping within the US can take up to 7-10 days. International shipping takes anywhere from 7-21 days. They come in a cardboard mailer for protection.

Want better news? I can save you $3 off your order if you use my promo code mom316. Just head to to order yours now. Hurry, Christmas will be here before you know it!


Photo Credits via Santa Graphs 

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